Contract Property Cleaning for Landlords

It’s an unfortunate fact of renting that properties require a full deep clean before they can be re-let. Impress Cleaning  can perform a “Landlords Clean” of any property and leave you with much less to worry about. Our cleaning team will perform a top to bottom deep clean, both inside and out, on any property, leaving it clean, hygienic, and ready to live in.

The advantage to you is that you don’t need to spend time dealing with different contractors that only do part of the job, or worse, a cowboy job.

Impress Cleaning work with most of our clients as a trusted partner. One phone call is enough. We’ll survey the property and provide an independant written report of cleaning, damage or repairs that may require attention. If we do the cleaning, we refund the report fees. - Open, honest, Professional! 

Our “Deep Clean” can cover every area of the property at a cost much lower than replacement of fixtures and fittings which still have a useful life.