Domestic Window Cleaning in West Yorkshire

Since 1992, Impress has built a large number of regular clients as a reliable window cleaner. We have also grown to become one of West Yorkshire’s leading contract window cleaning contractors. Trusted by householders and businesses alike, we combine traditional hand-washing and the latest window cleaning technology.

Reach and Wash window cleaning

We can clean windows up to a height of 25 metres (5-6 floors) using Reach and Wash, from the ground without the need of ladders. Reach & Wash Window Cleaning gives much better results. The benefits by far outweigh other cleaning methods. We use specialist filters to purify the water, which is then pumped through telescopic poles. The pure water gives a better clean which also lasts longer.  Without ladders there are minimal Health and Safety risks and it is the safest and most cost effective cleaning method with excellent results.

Whether you require a single visit or a regular cleaning programme, we will still deliver the highest standard of workmanship ensuring quality results.  We aim to turn up on-time, every time, properly equipped, qualified and experienced to do the job properly.

If you're not 100% happy with the results, we'll clean the item again, free of charge.